Airbnb NYC Infographics

Airbnb has 25,646 listings in NYC for filters listing price > $10 and listing availability >0 days.

First we look at word cloud analysis of listing titles : the word cloud is plotted after taking out !,@,/,| and “stop words” from the listing text — then we use word cloud2 library to plot word cloud.

Metrics by Room Type:

From the above charts it is clear that highest number of listing by Room_type is “Entire Home-Apt “ — which makes total sense as Airbnb started with idea of local homeowners being able to list their extra room/properties to rent.

Metrics by Neighborhood:

It’s always satisfying when the hypothesis is proved by Data — from what I have always known even though I am an international is that “Manhattan” is one of the top and expensive neighborhoods in NYC. The same is proved by stats — where Manhattan has the highest average listing price of $203.03!!!

Filters Applied:
1. City = “New York City”
2.Availability > 0 days
3. Airbnb Price > $10

Analysis Tool used: R programming

Visualization Library: Wordcloud2, ggplot2


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